I’ve Moved!

I wanted to let everyone know that you can follow my current blog at ideabloke.com as I’ve decided to go with self-hosted WordPress.  Also wanted to apologize for not giving you a heads up earlier, but please follow me there instead, as I will no longer be using the WordPress.com platform.

I’ll see you there, cheers!

Well, it’s Saturday…what did you expect?

So today was a great example of me being derailed.  Intentions are great to have, but when they aren’t met, they take on the status of a moral victory.  And when this happens, you take what you can get.

In this case I opted to get some pho.  That’s right.  Found myself in SE Portland and remembered a Fox Channel 12 expose one morning about this place, @Pho.com on the corner of 82nd & Powell that was just phenom.  Couldn’t help but notice on my way in that this place was Google Recommended, so that never hurts.

Met the owner, Jasmine, who I swear smiles all the time!  Their motto is: “With a lovely smile and healthy foods!” so they deliver on the smile, but I was a little uncertain on just how “healthy” pho can be.  I tell you, it’s just downright delicious.

The decor was nicely done, too.  I’d probably describe it as “smart asian” (is there such a thing?), what with lanterns & bamboo decor.  Good for dates, I would imagine.


Anyway, if anyone’s in the area and has a hankering for some pho, give me a holler.  In the meantime, I’ve got to regroup and focus.






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